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Vibrant LED strip lighting.

Our patented profile incorporates 19.2 Watts of brightness and is free from hot-spotting. Merchandise will look more appealing with vibrant colours under the CRI>95 High Colour Rendering Index lighting.

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Simple to install.

Shelflyne Retail comes pre-assembled in flat-packed components. You need only screw the side arms in place for each shelf and connect the power to each backboard.

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No wires, no fuss.

Our patented wire free design allows quick and easy movement of shelves offering multiple options from the one system. Quickly and easily refresh a store’s aesthetic to provide a new and different feel.

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Fit out an entire store overnight.

Wedge hooks for the backboards save time on installation and allow an entire store to be finished in no time. Stores with existing systems can change to current trend backboard and shelving colour options overnight.

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Choose your style.

Choose the colour combination best suited for your retail needs from our full range.

Backpanel & Shelf

Arms & Railing